Carbon Lock Tech

The Carbon Stops Here™

Parts Per Million

Total amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere today

(it hasn’t been this high in millions of years)

Degrees Celsius

Internationally agreed-upon (Paris Accord) warming limit

(we are currently at 1.3 degrees)

Megatonnes CO2e

Amount of greenhouse gases emitted in Canada in 2021

(down from 738 in 2019)

Megatonnes CO2e

Target amount Canada has committed to emitting by 2030

(7 short years from now)


Amount of atmospheric CO2 drawn down by plants each year

(includes food crops)

Million Tonnes

Total amount of food lost or wasted in Canada each year

(that’s over 50% of all food)


Proportion of global emissions caused by food waste alone

(aviation only contributes 2.5%)


Annual processing capacity of our first commercial facility

(launch planned for 2024)

Our Mission

To develop sustainable, scalable carbon sequestration solutions

The increasing concentration of carbon in our atmosphere is a major driver of climate change today.

At Carbon Lock Tech we are focused on developing solutions for removing carbon out of the atmosphere and locking it away for the long term. Above all, these solutions need to be clean, sustainable and capable of being deployed at very large scales.


What is carbon, why is it important and how can we manage it more effectively?


What is carbon sequestration and how can this help us create a more sustainable future?


How is Carbon Lock Tech planning to transform organic waste into valuable, stable, sequestered carbon?

Our Solution

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