Salesforce Commits $25 Million to ‘Steep Learning Curve’ of Carbon Removal

Jun 18, 2024

Salesforce has committed $25 million to Frontier, a corporate buyers group founded by Alphabet, Meta, Shopify and Stripe that pledged $1 billion by 2030 for carbon removal purchases.

The move, announced June 18, is part of a promise Salesforce made in May 2022 to spend $100 million on carbon removal contracts by the end of this decade when it joined another buyers group, the First Movers Coalition.

Salesforce is working on carbon removal deals of its own, but joining Frontier will accelerate a “steep, steep learning curve” when it comes to evaluating approaches, said Jamila Yamani, director of climate and energy for the San Francisco-based company.

Salesforce started matching its energy consumption with renewables more than a decade ago largely through virtual power purchase agreements that generate renewable energy credits. The company ultimately wants to be able to measure its impact beyond tons sequestered and to model the trajectory of cost decreases over time.

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