Frontier Bets $58.3M on Carbon Removal Startup Vaulted Deep

May 1, 2024

The Stripe-backed fund placed its biggest CO2-removal order yet with the 7-month-old startup, which injects waste biomass ​slurry” deep underground.

Squat metal wellheads rise from a grassy field in central Kansas, surrounded by red steel containers. Years ago, oil and gas companies came here to deposit their liquid waste into the teardrop-shaped salt caverns hundreds of feet below the surface.

Now, a company with a wholly different mission is filling those same impermeable caverns with other kinds of waste material.

Vaulted Deep recently began injecting slurry made from the organic residues of nearby landfills, feedlots, wastewater treatment facilities, and paper mills. This biomass is rich in carbon — and Vaulted is working to keep it from returning to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide by trapping it underground.

Last week, the Houston-based startup announced it had removed more than 2,000 metric tons of CO2 during its first four months of operations in Hutchinson, Kansas. The Frontier coalition — a carbon-removal fund whose members include Stripe, Shopify, and Alphabet — purchased credits in advance to help launch this first commercial-scale run.

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