Replacing Peat Moss: A Tale of Ingenuity, Co-operation

Apr 29, 2024

New cattail product could revolutionize gardening practices, protect the planet

In a tale of ingenuity and co-operation, a team of University of Manitoba students partnered with Typha Co., a local start-up, to address a pressing environmental concern: finding an alternative to peat moss.

What began as one of their final projects in the biosystems engineering course at the U of M evolved into a promising solution with the potential to revolutionize gardening practices and protect the planet’s future.

“We were all interested in a project that had to do with the environment and sustainability and how that would be applicable in our daily lives,” says Kiara Calista, one of the four students who spearheaded the project.

“This project seemed very applicable, especially with people that garden and things like that.”

The partnership with Typha Co. provided a platform to channel their enthusiasm into tangible action. The students’ research focused on using typha, also known as cattails, as a green replacement for peat moss, which is often added to soil to lighten, aerate and help retain moisture.

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