Ontario Could Run Out of Landfill Space in Nine Years.

Apr 8, 2024

Ontario’s garbage is making headlines again as a small farming town tries to ward off a large construction company’s efforts to revive and expand a dormant landfill site.

Residents of Dresden, a town of 2,401 people in southwestern Ontario, are staunchly opposed to a proposal that would reopen the landfill — right on the edge of town — and increase its size by dozens of football fields. The town’s city council has written of its opposition to the provincial environment minister, and its mayor told the London Free Press he has texted Premier Doug Ford.

Dresden isn’t the only small town resisting dump expansion and this is not a new story. For decades now, as large Ontario cities ran out of spaces for waste in their own backyards, they sent garbage to small rural towns and Indigenous communities. Some is shipped across the border to Michigan or New York State.

Here’s the problem: Ontario is rapidly running out of landfill space. According to Waste to Resource Ontario, an industry lobby group that tracks available capacity with a live countdown, the province’s landfills will be full in nine years, perhaps even sooner.

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