Klimate.co And Charm Industrial Extend Partnership With $1.1M Off-Take Agreement

Apr 12, 2024

Klimate.co – an integrated platform for high-quality carbon removal strategy and action, and Charm Industrial – a climate technology company that converts biomass into a stable, carbon-rich liquid and sequesters it underground for permanent carbon removal, announced an extension of their partnership. They also signed a $1.1 million off-take agreement to successfully scale high-quality carbon removals.

“Through the expansion of our partnership with Charm Industrial, Klimate.co’s customers help facilitate the upcoming delivery of nearly 1900 tons of permanent carbon dioxide removal (CDR),” commented Simon Bager, Co-Founder and Chief Impact Officer at Klimate.co in a Linkedin post.

According to the announcement, Klimate.co and Charm’s initial collaboration started in 2021, when the company made its first permanent carbon removal deliveries. So far, Charm Industrial  has managed to deliver over 6,200 tons of CO2 removals including an announced in 2021 delivery of 1,400 tons CO2e of carbon sequestration to Stripe and Shopify, 2,000 tons CO2e to Microsoft, and an aggregate 1,900 tons CO2e to other buyers.

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