Current Biochar Facilities Removing 700,000 tCO2 Annually

Mar 6, 2024

Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) is entering an important year as companies get ready to scale up their technology to meet the growing demand for carbon removals. With biochar credits responsible for up to 95% of all delivered carbon removal credits, the technology leads the way in engineered CDR.

In order to help the industry better benchmark its progress to date, AlliedOffsets has identified nearly 700,000 tCO2e in annual operational facility capacity.

Overall, data from operational and announced facilities suggests supply will double in the next five years – even if no new facilities are announced in the coming years.

The largest 5 plants, owned by Pacific Biofuel Holdings, Exomad Green, Carbon C2, Dutch Carboneers, and Avenger Energy account for 61% of total credit capacity, with an average capacity of 85,000 tCO2/ye.

The median of all plants, however, is 1,100 tCO2/ye and average number of plants per company is 1 which suggests that there is a lot of upcoming supply in the near future. Many of the facilities are pilots that could be expected to scale quickly due to economies of scale.

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