New Report Shows Pathways For Efficient Scaling Of Carbon Removal

Feb 27, 2024

The B.C. Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy (CICE) – a not-for-profit company that helps fund the commercial development and scaling of made-in-British Columbia clean energy solutions, released a new report revealing the most effective innovation pathways to achieve gigatonne-scale carbon removal.

The report titled Catalyzing Carbon Dioxide Removal at Scale confirms the big importance of carbon dioxide removal methods for reaching the zero emissions goals, shares the requirements, challenges, and technology gaps associated with leading natural and engineered CDR approaches and presents pathways to scaling CDR, considering variables associated with the methods such as cost, resources, land, and energy considerations.

“By leveraging the knowledge gathered through a combination of deep-dive reports, community engagement, and world-class subject matter experts, CICE uniquely validates future pathways to net-negative emissions, helping us to confidently lead investment and catalyze adoption of disruptive, carbon removal innovation where lack of traditional revenue metrics can be a barrier,” commented Todd Sayers, Chief Operating Officer at CICE.

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