UK Nuffield Scholar Explores Biochar Production on Global Study Tour

Feb 6, 2024

Luke Breedon, a Nuffield Farming Scholar from the UK, is exploring the production and application of biochar in agriculture and horticulture as part of an international study tour. His research focuses on biochar’s potential as a sustainable alternative to fossil-fuel-based fertilizers and as a method to reduce emissions.

Nuffield Farming Scholar, Luke Breedon, is currently on an international study tour, with his recent stop being in the North Island of New Zealand. The main focus of his research is the production and application of biochar in horticulture and agriculture.

Exploring Biochar as a Sustainable Alternative

As a sustainable substitute for fossil fuel-based fertilizers, biochar offers numerous benefits, not only for New Zealand farmers but also for those from the UK. Recognized as a negative emissions technology by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, biochar can effectively store up to half the carbon in its source material for hundreds to thousands of years.

Global Learning and Knowledge Sharing

Breedon is one of the 19 fortunate recipients of the UK Nuffield Scholarship awarded in 2023. His study tour includes visiting biochar producers around the world to learn from global experts and share this knowledge back home. After visiting producers in the United States, his current stop is New Zealand, and Australia is next on his itinerary.

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