Microsoft Invests In Innovative CO2 Removal Project By Bio-Logical

Feb 27, 2024

Microsoft has recently invested in a groundbreaking CO2 removal project by Kenyan climate tech company Bio-Logical.

This investment includes a commitment to eliminate 10,000 tons of carbon emissions through a large biochar facility in Africa.

By investing in this CO2 removal project, Microsoft is not only supporting a cutting-edge solution to combat climate change but also promoting sustainable practices within the industry.

In the face of declining crop yields, soil degradation, rising costs of fertilizers, and extreme weather conditions, Bio-Logical aims to enhance the climate resilience of small-scale farmers who are vulnerable to climate change impacts.

Trying to provide an alternative to relying on chemical fertilizers for ample harvests, Bio-Logical is utilizing its cutting-edge technology to establish the largest biochar production facility in Africa, converting over 30,000 tonnes of agricultural waste into biochar annually.

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