Microsoft Buys Soil Carbon Removal Credits From Grassroots Carbon

Feb 1, 2024

Tech giant Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) striked another carbon removal agreement to help accelerate its climate change goals.

The company made a deal with Grassroots Carbon – a company offering nature-based soil carbon storage solutions, for soil carbon removal drawdown credits.

The credits represent additional carbon sequestered over a 30-year period. They are Microsoft’s first investment in carbon credits generated from regeneratively managed grasslands.

“Grassroots Carbon is thrilled Microsoft is including soil credits in their carbon removal strategy. Soil carbon storage is an essential part of the climate solution and our regenerative ranchers are trusted partners in that solution… Microsoft not only made a choice to reduce atmospheric carbon levels, but to do so with impacts far beyond just carbon,” said Brad Tipper, CEO of Grassroots Carbon.

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