Meta Powers Towards Net Zero with Carbon Removal Projects

Feb 5, 2024

Committed to net zero value chain emissions by 2030, Meta has turned to carbon removal projects from nature-based solutions to carbon removal technologies

Any organisation worth their sustainability salt knows that reaching net zero emissions in operations alone is not enough.

Decarbonisation must extend beyond offices and factories to include Scope 3, from the emissions caused by suppliers to those created by employees.

For Meta, the world’s fifth-biggest tech company, this challenge is being met with ambitious targets and bold, meaningful action.

Having already hit net zero emissions in global operations in 2020, the social media giant now has its sustainability sights set on achieving net zero value chain emissions by 2030.

This is quite the challenge, given 99% of Meta’s carbon footprint came from Scope 3 in 2022 – and this continues to rise.

“We know that reaching net zero emissions across our value chain will not be an easy task,” Rachel Peterson, Vice President of Data Centre Strategy at Meta said in the company’s 2023 Sustainability Report.


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