Why Biochar As a Permanent Carbon Sink is Essential for Achieving Climate Targets

Jan 29, 2024

New research proves a half-life of approximately 100 million years for Biochar Carbon Removal (BCR), thus turning the permanence discussion and the role of biochar.

These findings could also revolutionize the classification and resulting prices of carbon removal credits.

Carbon sinks are part of the carbon cycle and have played a major role in the Earth’s climate since time immemorial. A carbon sink is a carbon reservoir that absorbs carbon and thus reduces the CO₂ concentration in the atmosphere. Against the backdrop of man-made climate change and the urgent need to reduce CO₂ in the atmosphere, they are of particular importance.

“Carbon sinks are indispensable for a successful climate protection policy“, is how the German Federal Environment Agency, Germany’s central environmental authority, classifies the importance of CO₂ sinks.

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