New Study Shows High Permanence of Biochar Carbon Removal

Dec 13, 2023

A new study is assessing the permanence of biochar carbon removal in terms of locking away the CO2 from going back to the atmosphere. The results are groundbreaking and point to higher durability than previously considered.

The research is peer-reviewed by Hamed Sanei, Arka Rudra, Zia Møller Moltesen Przyswitt, Sofie Kousted, Marco Benkhettab Sindlev, Xiaowei Zheng, Søren Bom Nielsen, and Henrik Ingermann Petersen from Aarhus University and the Geological Survey of Denmark & Greenland. It is called Assessing biochar’s permanence: An inertinite benchmark.

Relevant: “We Want To See The Biochar Industry Have Its Carbon Removal Impact While There Is Still Time,” Dr. Thomas Trabold, Co-Author Of Biochar Report

The study shows that among the 64 European biochar samples examined, 76% can be classified as pure inertinite. Inertinite refers to one of the most stable forms of carbon present in the Earth’s crust and is considered an ultimate benchmark of organic carbon permanence in the environment.

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