Carbonfuture Announces Offtake Collaboration

Dec 13, 2023

Carbonfuture Announces Offtake Collaboration with Exomad Green and Microsoft for Large-Scale Biochar Carbon Removal

Carbonfuture has signed an offtake agreement with Microsoft to supply biochar carbon removal (“BCR”) credits from the Exomad Green Concepción project located in Bolivia. The Exomad Green Concepción project is on track to deliver over 32,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide removal credits to Microsoft by June 2024, contributing towards Microsoft’s carbon negative sustainability goal.

This agreement is a step towards further validating BCR as a promising technology pathway for meeting corporate sustainability goals. Exomad Green’s facility in Concepción, Bolivia, transforms forestry waste into biochar. Since this forestry waste would have otherwise been burned, the project expects significant co-benefits from this offtake agreement beyond carbon management, which include: reducing health and fire risks from open burning and mitigating deforestation via sustainable timber management practices. Further, the Exomad Green project should contribute to bolstering farming practices in indigenous communities by providing biochar for agriculture, which improves soil fertility.

Carbonfuture’s MRV+ process ensures a digital-first, high standard in tracking biochar carbon removal. Each biochar batch at Exomad’s Concepción facility is uniquely identified and meticulously tracked from production to application, ensuring additional transparency related to CO2 Removal Certificate delivery to Microsoft

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