Finland’s Carbo Culture Secures USD $18.3 Million Series A Funding

Nov 28, 2023

When the Finnish Climate Minister Kai Mykkänen opened our R3 facility near Helsinki, Finland in August, the facility was brand new, a first of its kind in the world!

It was an exciting day and I definitely got the bug for opening facilities then and there — the thrill of seeing something built! Our team then went through a few months of intense commissioning work, and now R3 is running and engineers can hand over to on site operators. To us, that’s success!

With our industry standard certified industrial pilot R3, we proved our ability to build industrial-grade carbon removal facilities, make geoscale-stable carbon removal, high grade energy and make a consistent biochar that’s over 90% carbon.

What’s next? More facilities.

While a thousand million tons is our northstar, we’re cracking on with the tens of thousands of tons next. We are excited to share that we are now able to start developing our first commercial-scale facility which will be built in 2025! Our C1 facility will enable us to remove 20kt of CO2 per year.

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