Biochar is Carbon Removal’s Jack of all Trades. Here’s Why

Nov 23, 2023

Biochar Carbon Removal is a way to sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere with wide-ranging co-benefits.

  • For example, Biochar’s use as a soil amendment can improve food security and soil health while removing carbon from the atmosphere.
  • Businesses seeking carbon removal credits should consider biochar as an avenue for maximum impact.

Addressing the climate emergency demands reduced greenhouse gas emissions and effective Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) solutions to reverse harm already done.

Only carbon removal can balance hard-to-abate emissions and get us to the required net-zero emissions scenario. One CDR technology is leading the way: Biochar Carbon Removal (BCR), an innovation with game-changing potential. From its carbon removal capabilities to the vast array of co-benefits it offers, BCR is set to become an essential part of any carbon removal portfolio. 

Biochar: essential in carbon dioxide removal portfolios

BCR is a science-backed approach to carbon removal and its magic lies in pyrolysis: using high heat in a limited oxygen environment to transform biomass into biochar.


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