With Growth in Clean Energy ‘Unstoppable,’ Fossil Fuels Will Peak by 2030, Energy Agency Says

Oct 24, 2023

IEA says nearly half of world’s electricity supply will come from renewable energy by decade’s end

The way the world is powered will change dramatically by the end of the decade, thanks to surging demand for electric vehicles and clean energy technologies, a new report from the International Energy Agency says.

The IEA projects that by 2030:

  • Nearly half of the world’s electricity supply will come from renewable energy.

  • Ten times as many electric cars will be on the road.

  • Heat pumps and other electric heating systems will outsell fossil fuel boilers.

  • There will be three times as much investment in new offshore wind projects than coal- and gas-fired power plants.

  • Solar energy will generate more electricity than the entire U.S. power system currently does.

The projections, which are based on government policies that are already in place worldwide, are part of the IEA’s annual World Energy Outlook, released Tuesday.

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