Removing Carbon With Biochar: How You Can Get Involved in a Cutting-Edge Removal Project

Jun 28, 2022

Reducing emissions as far as possible, transforming our systems in anticipation of a warming world, and compensating for the carbon footprint we can’t avoid: these are our main tools in tackling the climate crisis.

But if we’re to mitigate the soaring levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in the face of government inaction and our continuing reliance on fossil fuels, are they enough?

The answer is no: it’s becoming increasingly clear that additional solutions, like carbon removals, are a crucial complement to carbon avoidance technologies. Where avoidance means preventing carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere, removal involves its actual withdrawal, locking the carbon away for generations to come by means of nature and technology.

It sounds bold, but it’s on this basis that biochar has the potential to change the world. As a type of charcoal classified under the “biomass with carbon removal and sequestration” (BiCRS) approach, biochar enables us to reduce emissions and lock carbon down permanently, making it hugely significant in the fight against climate change.

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