Saying “Yes” to Cleantech

Feb 14, 2021

Every innovator knows what “Yes but” means. It’s two words that tell you that while the person you’re pitching understands the problem, they’re not ready to invest in your solution.

You get a lot of “Yes but” when your business is clean technology. Despite the obvious need for it, there have long been enormous barriers to getting new clean tech developed, financed and adopted. Many of them are legitimate and daunting — too different, too impractical, too expensive.

But we may start hearing less of that little phrase in 2021.

Climate change has reached a tipping point. In the U.S., natural disaster costs doubled last year after an unprecedented confluence of storms and wildfires. One million species are at risk of extinction, according to a recent United Nations report.

For Canada and its innovators, the need for action is increasingly urgent. We see the technical barriers beginning to fall because we all realize the cost of inaction is too great. And so Ottawa has created legally binding climate targets. Investment funds are piling into clean energy.

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