Nova Scotians Need Compost Refresher, Soil Expert Says

Jan 27, 2016

A soil expert says after 20 years of composting, Nova Scotians still do not get it right.

Lise Leblanc, a professional agrologist with LP Consulting, said green bins are being stuffed with non-organic material and municipalities have piles of compost building up that nobody wants.

“Foreign material. That is a big problem with compost,” said Leblanc.

She said compost piles are becoming too contaminated with plastics, glass and other non-organic items. Compost facilities find just about everything in the bins.

“They’ll say they found tires, underwear, clothes. One big problem is balls. Footballs, soccer balls, forks, plates,” said Leblanc.

“Everything is in there because it’s just convenient.”

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